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Massage Therapy

True Massage Therapy relaxes muscles, eases and soothes your aches and pains. Beyond being a “rubdown” it rejuvenates and restores balance to our mind, bodies and spirit, helping us deal better with everything life throws our way. Our staff of dedicated professional knows how to get the knots out and kneed in the soothing strokes.

Gendarme Signature Massage

Our therapists combine the therapeutic techniques of Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and a great Yoga stretch that unwinds the spine and finishes with the feel-good pampering of Swedish Massage. We create a custom treatment for you that is luxurious and effective in relieving pain and stress.

25 min$60
50 min$100
80 min$145
120 min$195
150 min$250
180 min$300

Back, Neck and Head Massage

Our Signature massage focusing only on the back, neck and head. This tailored massage can include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage or a variety of techniques depending on the clients’ wishes.

50 min$100
80 min$145
110 min$195

Sports Massage

After a strenuous work out or on the way home from the marathon, this unique approach combines the benefits of deep tissue massage, body-rocking techniques, trigger point work, stretching and relaxing massage. It puts your parts back in working order and alleviates, a lot of what would have been, tomorrow's pain.

25 min$105
50 min$145
80 min$195

Pregnancy Massage

50 min$120

Salt Scrub and Massage

Probably the best introduction to The Gendarmerie services. This gentle, exfoliating scrub using sea salt, natural essence, and a Balm that deeply moisturizes the body leaves you feeling as if you have the freshest, softest, skin of your adulthood…followed by a Special Gendarmerie Massage. A little bit of heaven!

30 min Scrub and 25 min Massage$120
30 min Scrub and 50 min Massage$165
30 min Salt Scrub Only$55

Foot Relexology

Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas on the feet that correspond to specific body parts and organs. By directly stimulating the related reflex points and zones in the feet, your therapist can indirectly facilitate healing throughout the entire body and all of its related systems.

25 min$50

Foot Relexology and Signature Massage by Juan

25 min Reflexology plus 50 min Body Signature Massage$165

Chair Massage

QuickBreak - Concentrates on back and neck - 10 min$15
Healthy Retreat - Back, neck and shoulders - 15 min$22.50
Mini Vaca - Back, neck, shoulders arms and hands - 25 min$37.50

Gendarmerie Massage to Go

Enjoy our signature massage treatments in the comfort of your home, office or on set. Don't battle traffic, et us come to you! Additional $50 to the treatment price with prepayment required. Call for rates of services performed outside a 5-mile radius.

* Gendarmerie Spa services include complimentary refreshments in our indoor/outdoor lounge areas as well as access to our steam room.

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