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Staff Members

Noel Morales : Front Desk / Manager

Noel Morales

Front Desk / Manager


To keep the flow of our customers’ steady and timely, we provide all services by appointment only via our online booking on our website or just give us a call.

Manuel Marquez : Concierge

Manuel Marquez




Joshua Stinnett : Hair Stylist

Joshua Stinnett

Hair Stylist


From an early age, Joshua Stinnett has had a love for the art of hairstyling. From humble beginnings, in small-town Texas, his passion led him to Dallas, where he worked for some of the top salons making a local name for himself before venturing to Los Angeles.

After a short time in LA, he grabbed the attention of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Known for his ability to create sleek, shiny Hollywood waves, dimensional balayage color, precision cuts, and voluminous blowouts,

Josh is sought after among the Hollywood elite. His work has been featured in numerous publications, high fashion magazines, tv shows, music tours, and red carpets. Josh has worked with such names as Mischa Barton, Rod Stewart, Mia Tyler, Praya Lundberg, Scott Evans, Rebecca Black, Thomas Kuc, Jeremy Anderson, Caroline D’Amore, Ryan Cabera, The Ellen Degeneres Show, to name a few.

Cris Zapata : Hair Stylist

Cris Zapata

Hair Stylist


A graduate of Flavio Beauty College, Cris, stylist and colorist built his career fast as a quick study. If you have doubt about what’s good for you, give him your trust and let him work his magic. Have your own definite ideas? He will work anything you throw at him.

Everado Sanchez : Estheticians / Skincare / Body Treatments/ Waxing

Everado Sanchez

Estheticians / Skincare / Body Treatments/ Waxing


Everardo Sanchez is The Gendarmerie’s Lead Esthetician. Evers (the name he goes by) has been with The Gendarmerie since 2005. He creates a warm comfort level for his clients for what might seem like a painful experience, whether it’s exactions, total facials, waxing or massage. He is frequently completely booked, so, if possible, reserve your time with him well in advance.

Evers has been featured on many TV shows. Check out his videos in our Video Gallery.

David Williams : Estheticians / Skincare / Body Treatments/ Massage

David Williams

Estheticians / Skincare / Body Treatments/ Massage


David first joined The Gendarmerie back in 2007. David’s an expert in diagnosing your needs and helping you help yourself in between treatments by recommending the proper Dermalogica Skin Care products for your specific needs. David also is skilled in skin smoothing microdermabrasion and is a licensed Massage therapist.

Juan Mosqueda : Massage Therapist

Juan Mosqueda

Massage Therapist


Juan’s massage skills have become legendary. His clients constantly refer their friend’s to him for probably the best deep-tissue massage in town. But, his skills go far beyond that. Working with the elderly and post injury clients, he can be the gentle healer that’s needed. He extends to reflexology and his own take on Thai Massage.

Javier Rocha : Massage Therapist

Javier Rocha

Massage Therapist


Javier joined The Gendarmerie team in 2013, having been a client for over 6 years. He honed his skills at South Bay Massage College and almost immediately built a devoted following. Like all of The Gendarmerie’s technicians, Javier continues his education by broadening his expertise and his repertoire of techniques with extra classes. The special care that goes with a Pregnancy Massage, Sports Recovery Massage, and the post Chiropractic Follow-up Massages are just a few of the skills he has perfected.

Kendon Turner : Massage Therapist

Kendon Turner

Massage Therapist


Kendon has over 11 Years of Massage experience. The North Carolina native has a touch of southern charm that shows through in his work. He can explain to you what your body needs to rejuvenate itself when you’re not on the table. A little simple set of exercises the will help you de-stress in-between appointments.

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