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The Gendarmerie was Mentioned in LNEONLINE Men in Spas

  • August 10, 2016. Posted in News

The Gendarmerie was mentioned in LNEONLINE.COM article MEN in Spas.

July 2016 Issue


screen-shot-2016-08-10-at-10-58-00-pm-768x923The busy executive needs to present a well-groomed look in the boardroom and beyond. But cleverly titled, frou-frou, or more complex treatments donot appeal to the typical businessman. So, mastering the staples, such as the Gentleman’s Facial, manscaping, and a shave-and-a-haircut, are key to attracting this type of client. The clientele at the Gendarmerie Boutique & Spa in West Hollywood, Calif., is comprised of 65 percent men who are mostly coming in for waxing services, haircuts and shaves. “Manscaping is bigger than ever. Every type of man is getting the Guyzilian [i.e., “Speedo” area and buttocks waxing,$99] and also keeping their eyebrows ($25)and chest/shoulder hair ($70) neat and clean,” says owner Topper Schroeder. “The Guyzilian is usually the girlfriend’s or wife’s idea, but once they get it, they keep coming back. Our straight razor shave ($75) is extremely popular now too.”Schroeder also serves executives outside the spa by doing corporate business calls in offices. “Companies will hire us as a gift to their hard-working employees and we’ll come in and do shoulder and back massages because they are hunched overtheir desks all day,” he says.

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